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Offshore Support Services

Pilot Boats

Pilot boat.jpg

boat used to transport maritime pilots between land and the inbound or outbound ships that they are piloting.


  • Berthing assistance for vessels at ports and jetties.

  • Pull-back and berting assistance for tankers at SPM terminals.

  • Long distance towage of vessels and barges, both coastal and inernational  voyages.

  • Tug assistance to tankers for transfer of oil cargoes such as crude oil, petroleum products, etc.

  • Tug assistance in salvage operations.

Multi Support Vessels


Our anchor handling tug vessels have bollard pull ratings between 20 and 120 tons and power ranging from 2200 BHP to 12000BHP.

Our vessels operate in Malaysian as well as international waters. Our OSV fleet has worked in India for ONGC, Cairn Energy, BG Exploration and Production, Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation, ,  Hardy Exploration and Production, Reliance, Oil India Ltd, Nabors Drilling, and many other Seismic Companies like Fugro, Seabird Exploration, Global Geophysical, SMNG, CGG Veritas, Geostar etc .

Crew Boats - Chase Boats

Crew baot.jpg

Traditionally the chase boat was a fast open boat that chased after large sailing yachts competing in regattas. Back then it was quite legitimate to land or take on extra sails or crew to suit the weather and therefore the racing conditions.

Offshore Support - Production Support Vessels


Our anchor handling tug supply vessels have bollard pull ratings from 12 to 150 tons and power ranging from 1200BHP to 12,000BHP. They are all fire fighting enabled vessels with search and rescue capabilities. Some vessels are fitted with liquid mud transportation facilities with full circulation systems

Diving Support Vessels


Basic requirements are the ability to keep station accurately and reliably throughout a diving operation, often in close proximity to drilling or production platforms, for positioning to degrade slowly enough in deteriorating conditions to recover divers without excessive risk, and to carry the necessary support equipment for the mode of diving to be used.

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