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Offshore Drilling

Jack up Rigs


Providing a very stable drilling environment, in comparison to other types of offshore drilling rigs, jackups can drill in waters up to 350 feet deep. Once drilling is required in waters that are deeper than the capabilities of a jack-up, semi-submersibles and drill-ships become a more logical choice for exploration and development operations.

Drill Ship

Drill Ship.jpg

a merchant vessel designed for use in exploratory offshore drilling of new oil and gas wells or for scientific drilling purposes.

Semisubmersibles Rigs

Rig Maintenance

semisubmersibles eventually found their true calling. Now, semisubs are the most stable of any floating rig, many times chosen for harsh conditions because of their ability to withstand rough waters.



These rigs can drill in water depths deeper than jackups or platforms can. They have several special features to facilitate this: They are held on location by anchors or dynamic positioning.

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