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On-Shore Seismic Surveys

Field Survey


We provide the advanced methods by our researchers for the process of primary data collection during Seismic.

Cable Laying

Cable laying.jpg

We use B-Line series seismic bracing cable kit system is designed to brace non-structural equipment and distribution systems to help minimize damage in a seismic event

Seismic Date Processing

Seismic data processing.jpg

Seismic data recorded in digital form by each channel of the recording instrument are represented by a  time

seriesProcessing algorithms are designed for and applied to either single channel time series, individually, or multichannel time series. we use the latest software as per present conditions.

Short Hole Drilling


We follow the technique used in mining whereby a hole is drilled into the surface of the rock, packed with explosive material, and detonated.

Seismic Data Acquisition

Seismic Data Aquisition.jpg

Seismic acquisition requires the use of a seismic source at specified locations for a seismic survey, and the energy that travels within the subsurface as seismic waves generated by the source gets recorded at specified locations on the surface by what is known as receivers (geophones or hydrophones). We follow the same.

Seismic Data Interpretation

Seismic Intrepretation.jpg

The main task of seismic interpretation is to characterize underground geological structures and lithology with high precision. Seismic data analysis can distinguish between rocks that contain hydrocarbons and rocks that do not contain hydrocarbons. We have the best Geophysist to analyze the data.

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